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Wait for the Window, Chapter 1

Title: Wait for the Window
Author: gleeky_me
Rating: PG
Pairing: Santana/OC, Brittany/OC, eventual Brittana
Summary: It's senior year at McKinley and Santana just doesn't know what to do anymore. So, someone decides to give her a push.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
Word Count: 1,578
A/N: Hey guys. First time posting anything like this. Hope you like it.

Lima, Ohio. What the hell am I doing here? Oh right, I live here now. I suppose I should introduce myself. Salutations, I am Andy Santos. No, I'm not Spanish, I'm Filipino and I'm a girl by the way. I used to live in New York, but now I live in the town where Jon Niese was born. That's practically the only okay thing so far. Up until right now...

"Hey narc, watch where you're going!" OW! I just got shoulder checked IN. MY. EYE. Oh yeah, I'm short too.

"Could say the same for you pendeja." Looks like I struck a chord cause she made a U-turn right back towards me.

"What did you call me midget?"

"You heard me." I quit rubbing my eye at that moment to finally see who my assailant was. Unfortunately, being short can either put you face to ass with someone or face to chest. Right about now, it was the latter. Wow... "Um... can we just call it a truce right now... uh..." I still didn't know her name.

"Santana." "Hi, I'm Andy." I sound like a zombie cause I'm still staring at her chest.

"Hey, look at me when I'm talkin' to you." I finally look up at her face and... I saw your face and "Wow." Oh Hey Arnold... She was beautiful. "You're beautiful."

"I know. Stay outta my way. I got my eye on you..." "Andy." "Whatever." and she walks away.

Oh boy. "Looks like I made a new friend on my first day here, yay." I think I have a new crush too, and its Ursa Major...


(Skip to end of the day)

Just like always, the first day of being back from summer break is a blur except for a few instances. I met a few people in some of my classes and found out they were in Glee Club. Apparently almost everybody was graduating and they needed new members. I'd be graduating this year too but I guess its something to do. A bunch of the guys had their DS' with them so I battled them in pokemon. Puck was decent. Finn kinda sucked, he said he was better at Halo. I already don't like him. Mike and Artie were pretty good. Even this girl Quinn had a pretty good team. I'm honestly relieved to have found another girl to share geekdom with, in Ohio of all places. Although she did tell me that her, Puck, and Santana were all buds in their nerd world. Never would have guessed that the girl I met this morning would have a nerd side. She told me that Santana hides behind her bitchy-ness. That, I could've seen coming. Then in AP Gov, I met Rachel Berry. Apparently she and Finn were a thing. It's kinda weird to think cause she's barely taller than I am and he looks like a lumberjack. His impression earlier didn't sit well with me. He's gonna be the kid that does stay in this town while Rachel goes off with Kurt and Mercedes, and their respective boyfriends, and makes something of herself. He isn't good enough for her but there was someone that I think was...
The guys before encouraged me to audition for Glee so here I am, standing by the piano in a room with a bunch of kids and my Spanish teacher. Weird...

"Hey guys where's Sam?" Speaking of which.

"He moved. His parents got new jobs and he lives in Cleveland now."

"Okay well guys we have someone new joining this year. So everyone, welcome Andrea Santos." applause, applause, applause. I haven't even auditioned yet.

"It's Andy, Mr. Schuester."

"Right. Sorry Andy." I wave it off. "So, why don't you tell us some stuff about yourself and maybe what song you'd like to audition with."

"Okay, um, so yeah, I'm Andy. I like music. I just moved here from New York. I was accepted to LaGuardia but then" then I was interrupted

"You went to school in an airport?" Oh Brittany. I met Brittany during lunch when she just sat down next to me and said, "Hi I'm Brittany. Wow you're small. Can I put you in my pocket?" She said it all so innocently. I just smiled at her and offered her my cookie which she gladly accepted. And I'm still smiling at her now.

"The high school Brittany, not the airport. Anyway, I did not accept because i got into the pre-college division at Julliard." Alot of people were surprised cause I hadn't told them before with the exception of Kurt and Rachel. "Then I moved here and, yeah. I plan on going back to New York after graduation and either attending NYU or SUNY Fredonia."

"How old are you? Seriously you look like you're 14." And of course, Santana.

"I'm 17."

"I'm 19." oh boy. "I got left back in 9th grade cause coach said she needed me of the JV team to lift freshmen." We all just look at Brittany. Nothing happens then Mr. Shue asks me what song I'd like to sing.

"Once upon a time, from the musical Brooklyn"


(about 3 minutes later)

"More riiiiiiighhtt, more riiiiiiiiiiiggghhhttt, MORE RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHHT" note to self, stop trying to belt so much. It hurts eventually.

Applause again.

"Alright looks like we have a new member. Andy, welcome to New Directions!'

More applause. Out of the corner of my eye I see Santana staring at Brittany and I finally understand. Everybody is getting up to leave now and I just walk up to Santana.

"Look, Santana, I know you probably don't like me but I like you, alot. Can't full explain why right now but I do and," I whisper to her, "I know what you're going through." She looks at me almost like shes a kid whose been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

"What are you talking about?" she tries to laugh it off like its a joke and looks around the room to see if anybody is still there. We're alone.

"Santana can I tell you something." she sits back down crossing her legs and arms. "Santana, I'm gay, but I'm sure you already knew that." I'm just making a guess that she has really good gaydar. "And I know you are too." She widens her eyes but soon recovers. "I saw the way you were looking at Brittany. I also know that you two were together but weren't exclusive," she shifts in her seat uncomfortably, "She told me something else..." I trailed off knowing that Santana already knew what I was going to say. At lunch Brittany told me that over the summer she and Santana reaffirmed their friendship to what it was before and all that it entailed. Then Brittany got a new boyfriend, Doug Bartlet. Santana didn't like him one bit which was why she secretly called him Douche Bag unbeknownst to Brittany.

"Santana, I have a proposition for you." I walked across the room to grab something from my bag on top of the piano.

"I'm listening." I turned around and she sat up a little straighter. I got down on my left knee and presented her a ring pop. She raised her eyebrow. Oh crap. I just realized how cheesy this is. Damn it! Okay, stay calm, can't back out now. Am I hyperventilating? I feel like I'm about to pass out. AHHH CALM DOWN WOMAN!!!

"Santana Lopez, I met you about 6 hours ago. From what I've heard you do seem like a pretty cool person. I'd like to get to know you better. So Santana, may I have the privilege of taking you out on a date? I mean a date just to talk an stuff..."

She narrows her eyes and pursed her lips looking back and forth between the piece of candy, me, and the still open door. Finally she gets up and grabs her bag and stands above me and starts to leave. Oh great idea nitwit. Sigh. I get up feeling completely dejected and sit on the bottom riser. I feel like an idiot. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I look up.

"You are an idiot, but you're a cute idiot." Wow. I said all that out loud. "Yeah you did. Stop talking to yourself, people will think you're crazy too. Can I have my ring pop?" She holds out her hand and I place it. She walks away again but towards my bag and stuffs something in it, then she struts out of the room. I grab my bag and head to my mini. Once I'm sitting in the drivers seat I take a moment to see what she stuffed in my bag. A note?

Next time, try something else. Puck did the same thing last year.
I'm not that easy. Try tomorrow, when you don't cal
l me a jackass.

<3 Santana ***-***-****

I smile. Cool, I got a number. Tomorrow is a latter day. Crap, I gotta stop quoting stuff...


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